Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. Growing up, I don’t remember especially looking forward to birthdays. After college I lived with my brother and sister in law for a bit and she loves her… Continue reading

Bread Bread Bread

For years I’ve thought it would be awesome to be a person who bakes bread. But I’ve been so intimidated that I haven’t even tried. I mean, what flour to use? How long… Continue reading

Feel the burn

Hey there! Happy Monday! It’s a wet one here in Silver Spring. I started the day with a 6:30 am spin class. I was much more excited about that early morning time before… Continue reading

2015 Races

My whole race year is pretty up in the air but there are several I would REALLY like to do. I’m not currently registered for any race which is pretty weird for me.… Continue reading

2014 Goals Reviewed

At the end of 2013 I shared some goals for 2014. So, how did I do? Primary Goals: I did not complete the Shamrock Marathon. I did the Shamrock Half Marathon and really… Continue reading

I excel at slacking

I have worked out exactly one time this week. It’s Saturday. Coming off several weeks of 10+ hours a week, I simultaneously feel awesome and terrible.  A couple weeks ago I was talking to… Continue reading

Spinning, Spinning, and even more Spinning

The last week has been intense! Three days this week I taught two indoor cycling classes — today it was two in a row! I’ll get a bit of a break from spinning… Continue reading

Add some crunch to your salad or, alternatively titled, an ode to walnuts

I eat a lot of salad. This is a new addition to my culinary life in the last year or two. I just never knew the wonders of a salad before. It’s so… Continue reading

Listen to your body

I tell myself this all the time. I’m pretty good about it and will alter workouts and/or do something different if I need to. But I’m also really bad at taking rest days.… Continue reading

I don’t set time goals

My goal at the beginning of every race is to finish it. That’s all. And I have been successful in achieving this goal! However, I’m starting to consider setting time goals for half… Continue reading

Oh what a week[end]!

I just woke up from a nap. Yep. I fell asleep for a nap before noon today. It’s been awhile since that happened. Probably since last winter. Winter Saturdays, to me, mean big… Continue reading

My goal as a spinning instructor

Aside from the obvious of improving my instructing skills (I’m supposed to workout and talk at the same time?! What am I supposed to talk about the whole time? Should I be funny?… Continue reading


Wowza. I just came back from the gym and I’m wishing I could spend the rest of the day napping. Too bad there are things to do! I’m currently trying to do two… Continue reading

Hannah, why do you torture us?!

This morning included a cool 8 mile run. A couple friends are doing a half marathon next weekend so a group of us joined them for their last Saturday run pre-race. Last weekend we… Continue reading

I am now an indoor cycling instructor.

Oh what a weekend. Saturday started the way all Saturdays should: a run with friends. Not too long, but past the Lincoln Memorial and a good return post-marathon. It was also surprisingly chilly!… Continue reading

What to do? What to do?

I haven’t posted in awhile because I haven’t been sure what to post! I’m not in training, I’m still sort of recovering from the marathon so I don’t have much to share! I… Continue reading

Remember those goals?

Remember when I started training for this race a few months ago I made some goals? You probably don’t, but I did. And I think this will be my last race re-cap post… Continue reading

Race Recap: MCM

I’m coming down from my runner’s high and feeling awfully sleepy as I write this. Sunday’s race was fantastic. After finally getting to the start line, four of us took off together and… Continue reading

When’s the next one?

I successfully made it to the kitchen for some coffee this morning so time for a Marine Corps Marathon recap! First, the week leading up. I was not feeling this marathon. I had… Continue reading

Way to Improve

Last week I posted why training has gone so well this time. I think it’s also a good idea to reflect on what I could have done better and – hopefully – will do… Continue reading