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Review: ClassPass Part I

Have you heard of ClassPass? No? It’s a pretty cool idea. It’s $99 a month and you can take as many classes as you’d like at┬átheir many, many studios. It’s in a few… Continue reading

Oh what a week[end]!

I just woke up from a nap. Yep. I fell asleep for a nap before noon today. It’s been awhile since that happened. Probably since last winter. Winter Saturdays, to me, mean big… Continue reading

What has made training different this time?

I’ve had several blog posts in the last few months about how great and strong and capable I feel. This is sort of unusual for me during marathon training. Sure, I say it’s… Continue reading

Yoga Heights Review Part 2: Pilates

Last week I posted a review of yoga at Yoga Heights. Now it’s time for Pilates. I’ve done three different Pilates classes and they were all a bit different. Here goes. I went… Continue reading

Yoga Heights Review Part 1: Yoga

After many many months, I’ve finally been going to Yoga Heights. This is a studio that has only been open a few months but I bought a 30 day class pack way back… Continue reading

12 Tough Miles

Remember last week when I felt so great after 18? Well, I think I was a bit overly confident and thought I could do everything. Turns out, that’s not true. Yesterday we kicked… Continue reading

Why I’m starting to like yoga

I have long had a tenuous relationship with yoga. It’s just not fun. I get bored. I think about all the other REAL workouts I could be doing instead of yoga. (Of course,… Continue reading

Sometimes I’m a bit over-enthusiastic.

My overly ambitious workout plans for yesterday had to be changed. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for not pushing forward and deciding that I was feeling like I couldn’t handle a two… Continue reading

Double birthday party! …and no yoga!

This weekend was my official Rescheduled Birthday Extravaganza. It was a double whammy weekend with friends and cheesecake over at my place Saturday night. That went very late. Like 4.5 hour past my… Continue reading

Hardest yoga class ever.

I mistakenly went to a yoga class for “all levels” this morning. The class is supposedly “suitable for beginner through advanced students.” It was not. It was so hard that I thought I… Continue reading

Meat, cheese, and ice cream…oh yeah, and a run

So, slowly but surely I’m getting back to a somewhat normal life. This has been a busy weekend! Good food, movies, a run, yoga, bowling, oh my! Saturday started out sort of like… Continue reading

75 Minutes of Yoga?!

What?! That’s right! I ventured down to the Dupont Circle location of Studio DC last night for a Gentle Yoga class. Thanks to Active Life DC I have a 5 class pass to… Continue reading