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Awesome race weekend! Part 1.

Wow! What a great weekend! It started out with Thursday and Friday trips to Quarry House…my belly and my bank account say that can’t happen again for awhile. But, besides the burgers and… Continue reading

First swim in more than two months!

I was finally able to get back in the pool yesterday for the first time since the beginning of January. It felt great! Well…it felt hard but soon it will feel great. I’m… Continue reading

Last Saturday Run of the Season!

I’ve been gearing up for a big weekend, but of course there’s only one way to kick it off: Saturday long run, of course! Since the target race for my running group is… Continue reading


I’ve mentioned a couple times that I have lots of dietary restrictions. Really, there are just two, but they are big: I’m lactose and fructose intolerant. Lactose is pretty self-explanatory. Fructose not so… Continue reading

Meat, cheese, and ice cream…oh yeah, and a run

So, slowly but surely I’m getting back to a somewhat normal life. This has been a busy weekend! Good food, movies, a run, yoga, bowling, oh my! Saturday started out sort of like… Continue reading

8 miles – why didn’t I wear wool?!

This morning started with a grumpy Hannah. And nobody likes a grumpy Hannah. I snoozed my alarm. I think I have only ever done this once before. Damn running groups and accountability! The… Continue reading

Another benefit to being part of a running group

I ran this morning for the first time in 23 days! I made my way into DC and met up with my group for a little less than six miles. The marathoners did… Continue reading

Why I started running.

People frequently ask me why I started running and, depending on my mood, I give different answers. I started running 6 years ago. For my 19th birthday, I asked my dad for running… Continue reading

Goal Races for 2014

I got a little extra excited about racing the last few months and have lots of races I want to do this year! I’m currently registered for a marathon, 10 miler, half marathon… Continue reading

My love/hate relationship with track

So, I’ve written a couple times that I train with a running group and I really like it. They offer three group workouts a week so, if you want to and it fits… Continue reading

Cold runs and egg sandwiches

This morning’s “long” run was a bit different than usual. Because of ice and snow, the route was changed and we ran for time instead of distance. I think we ended up doing… Continue reading

Swimming is awesome!

Last week I wrote a post about why swimming sucks. And it really does sometimes. But so does just about everything awesome, right? But it’s also pretty great. The first time I went… Continue reading

2014 Goals

Anyone who knows me well knows I think New Years Resolutions are silly. If you want to improve something, why wait until the New Year?! Start now! Well, I guess now is the… Continue reading

Winter running is…awesome!

I “trained” all summer long and hated it. That’s why it’s in quotes. I came up with every excuse imaginable to not train. And that’s why my marathon experience was so terrible. But… Continue reading

My shoe journey

I’m definitely not a shoe expert. I know just about nothing about shoes except my own experience. What I do know is that there isn’t one running shoe that works for all people.… Continue reading

8 miles to start the weekend!

Yesterday started out with eight miles to the Lincoln Memorial and back. I don’t think being able to run there (or many other places in DC) will ever get old. Also, I think… Continue reading

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Well, sort of…I love winter. I love snow. When it’s really really really cold for weeks on end, I’m definitely ready for spring. But boy do I love snow. I often say that… Continue reading

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a great organization that uses training for a 5k to talk about body image, healthy living and other important topics with 3rd – 5th grade girls.  The organization… Continue reading

Back to training

The most valuable part of marathon training is learning to run when you don’t want to. As I said in a previous post, sometimes I hate running. During my first marathon, I hated… Continue reading

ISO new energy chews

I love Honey Stingers. they are tasty and give me calories on long runs. But, all of a sudden in October, they started making me sick. I’m fructose intolerant and can’t have honey… Continue reading