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Goal Races for 2014

I got a little extra excited about racing the last few months and have lots of races I want to do this year! I’m currently registered for a marathon, 10 miler, half marathon… Continue reading

My love/hate relationship with track

So, I’ve written a couple times that I train with a running group and I really like it. They offer three group workouts a week so, if you want to and it fits… Continue reading

75 Minutes of Yoga?!

What?! That’s right! I ventured down to the Dupont Circle location of Studio DC last night for a Gentle Yoga class. Thanks to Active Life DC I have a 5 class pass to… Continue reading

Cold runs and egg sandwiches

This morning’s “long” run was a bit different than usual. Because of ice and snow, the route was changed and we ran for time instead of distance. I think we ended up doing… Continue reading

Swimming is awesome!

Last week I wrote a post about why swimming sucks. And it really does sometimes. But so does just about everything awesome, right? But it’s also pretty great. The first time I went… Continue reading

2014 Goals

Anyone who knows me well knows I think New Years Resolutions are silly. If you want to improve something, why wait until the New Year?! Start now! Well, I guess now is the… Continue reading

Why swimming sucks.

Or, more accurately, why chlorine sucks. I try to swim twice a week. Twice a week swimming = my skin and hair hate me. After swimming, my usual post shower routine includes three… Continue reading

Winter running is…awesome!

I “trained” all summer long and hated it. That’s why it’s in quotes. I came up with every excuse imaginable to not train. And that’s why my marathon experience was so terrible. But… Continue reading


When I hurt my foot in February, I started swimming four days a week. Basically whenever I would have been running I swam instead. Wow. That was hard. The first day I did… Continue reading

8 miles to start the weekend!

Yesterday started out with eight miles to the Lincoln Memorial and back. I don’t think being able to run there (or many other places in DC) will ever get old. Also, I think… Continue reading

Breaking a streak with Hawkeye wins.

So, I’ve been on a roll recently. I went a month without missing any workouts I had planned on. I even went on a (fast) run Thanksgiving morning, forgoing quiche and other awesome… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Jean!

Today is Jean’s birthday! She is lucky since she loves Thanksgiving and she loves birthdays, so the end of November is pretty awesome for her. I will start this post with a story… Continue reading

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a great organization that uses training for a 5k to talk about body image, healthy living and other important topics with 3rd – 5th grade girls.  The organization… Continue reading

Back to training

The most valuable part of marathon training is learning to run when you don’t want to. As I said in a previous post, sometimes I hate running. During my first marathon, I hated… Continue reading

Not running

I love running. Most of the time. But I also really enjoy other kinds of exercise as well. While marathon training, I tell myself I’m going to cross train a lot. Hahaha. That… Continue reading

I need feminism because…

Recently I’ve been seeing photos from a project showing that feminism benefits everyone. I don’t know a whole lot about these campaigns, but the majority of the pictures are very good. Men and… Continue reading

Running while Traveling

I didn’t think I travel that often. Perhaps this is because, for me, “travel” used to mean going to another country and I haven’t been doing that much recently. But last week a… Continue reading

I hate [almost] every run until 3 miles

I often hear people say they hate running. Or they only run when being chased. I understand. I hate running too. For about three miles. Almost every time I run. For the first… Continue reading

I love my training group!

I had done three half marathons when Jessica caught me at a weak moment and I said I’d do a marathon with her. She recalls this series of events a bit differently. After… Continue reading

Why I run…hint: it’s NOT to be skinny.

For my 19th birthday, I asked my dad for running shoes and my mom for running clothes. And that’s what I got. I laced up my Mizunos and went out for a run… Continue reading