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“long” run #2

I’m home relaxing on the couch after our second “long” run of Marine Corps Marathon training. The quotes are because the run was seven miles. And that was long enough for July 5th. About… Continue reading

New Watch

A couple weeks ago I bought myself a new watch. After more than a year fighting with my Nike, I finally gave into temptation and bought a Garmin. I love it. I still… Continue reading

Solo Sizzlin’ and a Bike Ride

I had to do Sizzlin’ Saturday on my own this weekend as other members of the usual crew were out of town or otherwise occupied. I considered not grilling but, really, what would… Continue reading

5 miles = gone for 4.5 hours?

Today is the first official day of Marine Corps Marathon training! I’m quite excited and determined to train well. We had an easy five mile run to the White House and back to… Continue reading

I LOVE Strawberries! And my new Garmin.

I love strawberries. So much. Definitely my favorite fruit. Probably pretty high on my list of favorite foods, too. Unfortunately, strawberries – like most fruit – give me a stomach ache. So what… Continue reading

Final Stroga Review

Since I don’t have pictures of the class. Why not a couple from last week’s tri? Why is this the final Stroga review? Because I used up my Groupon. When it first started, I… Continue reading

Rev3 Williamsburg: After Part II

The triathlon was a lot of fun! The day started really early. My alarm went off at 4:45. Luckily I was nervous enough that I would oversleep that I shot up as soon… Continue reading

Rev3 Williamsburg: After

Alternate title: I hope when I’m 67 I can pass people 40 years younger than me in triathlons. Today’s race was fantastic. I had so much fun! I think I may make triathlon… Continue reading

Rev3 Williamsburg: Before

This morning I’m packing up my things (hopefully all of them) to head to Williamsburg for my first Olympic distance triathlon. I’m very excited and pretty darn nervous. I was doing a pretty… Continue reading

Working and Working Out

I realize many many people work exercise into their busy schedules and it’s not that impressive. My transition back to working has been challenging for lots of reasons, but the one that I’m… Continue reading

I love my bike.

Oh Monday. Holiday. Weekends are so much better now that I have a job. Especially three day weekends. I did a short-ish ride today and I was so happy the whole time. My… Continue reading

Is this the first time you’ve carried half a wheel of gouda on your bike?

Yes. Yes it is. Thanks for asking, Jurgen. The Christmas cheese wheel was so awesome, we just had to get another! I picked it up this morning, along with our CSA, a ton… Continue reading

47 mile bike ride

I bought a road bike last year with big plans to start doing regular long rides. And then summer was crazy, I moved (twice, sort of), I was traveling a lot, and I… Continue reading

Finally: The race review I know you’ve been waiting for!

So, big news in my life: I got a job! Not only did I get a job, but it’s awesome and I started the day it was offered to me. Needless to say,… Continue reading

A Feminist Rant Disguised as a Race Recap

I did the Nike Women’s Half Marathon yesterday. It was an okay race. I didn’t do well, but that sometimes happens. I was pretty excited about this race. I’m in pretty good shape right… Continue reading

Running Through the Pain

I haven’t written much about grieving here. Part of that is because this is a blog about fitness, and a large part is that I’m not comfortable grieving so publicly. But in an indoor… Continue reading

Busy week/random post

What?! It’s been almost a week since I posted? Oops! Last weekend was going to be nice and relaxing but instead all sorts of things happened! It started with an easy 8 miles… Continue reading

Massages are no longer fun.

And they haven’t been for awhile. I get massages regularly while training — every 5 or 6 weeks. I wish I could go more frequently but it is too expensive. The thing is,… Continue reading

I did 2/3 of a triathlon this morning

Boy oh boy, I’m freshly back from the gym. I swam and did a spinning class this morning. I’ve been doing lots of two-a-days, but this is the first time I’ve done two… Continue reading

Busy weekend–time to recover!

The weekend started out with a late Friday night trip to pick my mom up at the airport followed by an early morning alarm so we could get out and run! My mom… Continue reading