Blogs I Follow

I follow a couple blogs pretty closely and check in on a bunch on occasion. I’m not sure exactly how I started following a couple of these blogs but recommendations from the bloggers often lead me to others. The blogs I really like, I get email updates for so I don’t have to remember to check-in, they just arrive to my inbox every time there’s a new post!

A Capital Gal You know Katya who is so frequently in my posts? Well, here is her blog. Occasionally I appear in her posts as well.

Minutes Per Mile Mary writes about food and running in DC in a super upbeat, positive way. I usually want Mexican food by the time I finish reading her posts.

Root Cause Wellness is a newer website started by my friend Bonnie. It features interviews with health professionals, and healthy living tips and advice.

Runaway Wonk So, I do know how I started following this blog. Kristi was one of my running coaches in my first round of marathon training. She shares her workouts, plus interesting articles she read and reviews of races, etc.

Smitten Kitchen Food. No explanation needed. Just go there.

Distance Runners Honestly, I don’t read the blogs much, but I follow Distance Runners on Facebook. Two women who maintain their long distance friendship through running. Kinda like me and Jessica.

Sweat Once a Day I check in on this blog as a reminder that marathon running really isn’t that crazy when compared to ultra marathon training. Active is full of good stuff, many of the articles are written by professionals and provide accessible information. Though, like Runner’s World but to a much lesser extent, it can be a little too advertiser/fad-friendly sometimes. Just be aware of this when reading.

Active Life DC is a great resource for people in the DC area in search of fitness related activities, people, tips, etc.

I go to DC Rainmaker when I’m thinking about new gear of some kind. Full of great, very detailed reviews of all sort of products.