Why Did I Move to a Swamp?

This morning I went out for a 4 mile run. It was really hard. The humidity was already super high before 6:00, it was dark when I started, and I hadn’t run in quite awhile. I’ve finally pushed myself back to working out every day after those miserable couple of weeks in July, but still not back up to what was the norm for me. Runs like today are a good reminder that taking a couple weeks off is a big deal.

I remember last summer I could instantly tell if I wasn’t fully hydrated because my legs and feet would hurt. I can’t quite describe what it felt like but just imagine constricting, like my shoes are too tight and my lower legs feel like the are being squeezed. That happened this morning, in my four mile run I had to talk twice. :-( That made me feel completely pathetic because four miles is a pretty short run for me (I very rarely do a run of less than four) and it was because of my own laziness that it happened. I had my water bottles in the dishwasher yesterday so I didn’t want to refill my water glass as much as I should have.

With less than four weeks until Nation’s Tri, I really need to get myself back on track but this week the heat is coming back full blast so I’m nervous about it. I did finally get myself out on my bike Saturday morning (I’m embarrassed to even think about how long it had been). This morning’s awful run was a good reminder that drinking insane amounts of water is absolutely necessary and taking time off from running (even if I’m doing other forms of exercise).