So Lazy

I’ve been super lazy the last few weeks. The heat is almost unbearable. I’ve arrived home from work crying several days in the last few weeks because I’m so miserably hot and I’ll sit in my office (which I’ve been told is cold) wearing a barely-appropriate tank top while others are in cardigans or even coats. It seems like no amount of air conditioning is powerful enough to take away the damage the heat does to me. Yep, I’m a baby. I don’t like heat. Even a little. I whine. I cry. I complain. It’s pathetic and I’m annoying. You’ve been warned.

So, in the past several weeks, I have pretty much only done the spin classes that I have to teach…which is to say about 2 hours of exercise a week compared to the 8-10 I’m used to. I can tell the difference: my clothes are tighter, my knees hurt (this was a problem one other time when I went from lots of exercise to almost none and the doctor explained that the muscles surrounding my knees were strenghtening/weakening at different rates and that’s uncomfortable, solution: start running again), I feel guilty for not exercising, and on and on. I’m really hoping this slight break in heat and humidity this week is going to last.

I didn’t even go to the pool to swim because I’d have to go outside to get there! So yesterday I went on my first run in a long time and it was tough! But I made it through and am going to really really try to not skip any more workouts until after Nation’s Tri (which is in a few weeks and I am not at all prepared for!). But, the heat is getting better (I never thought I’d be excited to see highs in the 80s…compared to upper 90s it’s great!) and I’ve been back at it this week. Finally. Run, spin, yoga and swim have all happened this week. So, time to stop my it’s-too-hot-pity-party and get back to training.