Hello out there!

It’s been awhile. Oops. It’s been a crazy couple weeks. From seeing the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney (in the same weekend!) to getting settled at my new job to having company, it’s been a bit hectic over here. My friend left last night and I decided I deserved to sleep in (til 6:30) this morning so after nearly 9.5 hours of sleep, here I am!

I’ve been taking it easy workout wise recently (evidence that I slept in and am writing today instead of working out!). That’s partly been due to busy weekends but mostly since I decided not to do the half ironman, I’m a bit more relaxed about my schedule. I’ve still been exercising almost every day but am not as hard on myself when I take a day off.

After a few month break from yoga and pilates, I have been going to pilates classes at Yoga Heights. Holy schnikees last Tuesday’s class was so hard. There were times when I couldn’t do everything and I felt terrible about my strength but then I looked around and realized I wasn’t the only one struggling. So now I’m just determined to go to pilates at least once a week until I’m awesome at it. Sadly, I have a late meeting today so I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Shucks!

I’ll leave you with what may be one of my greatest ideas of the last week: S’more between two chocolate cookies:

IMG_2525Actually, I’m a bit of a s’mores purist. This was a good experiment but just didn’t taste like a s’more.