No HIM for me this year

I’ve decided I’m going to push my half ironman goal to next year. I’m a little bummed about this but know it will be better and less stressful if I don’t do it this year.

My race on Sunday was really fun even though I was insanely hot the whole time, but I was disappointed in myself at the end when I couldn’t push myself to run. I psyche myself out while racing, this always happens, so I think I want to gain more confidence in the olympic distance before pushing up to the half ironman.

Figuring out when/how to do the half ironman was also going to be very stressful. Due to a couple family commitments, the only race options I had for September/October were going to be very stressful logistically so, while I was excited and looking forward to the challenge, I think it would have been hard for me to be relaxed about it.

So…here is my revised tentative race schedule for the year:
Poconos Challenge Family in August – the Williamsburg race is so well organized that I want to try out another Challenge Family race, and it’s about the same distance away!
Nation’s Tri in September – why not do a race in DC? It’s the same weekend as a couple of the half ironmans I was thinking about but it’s at home!
Philadelphia Half Marathon in November – I’ve heard this race is really well organized so why not?
Star Wars Half Marathon in January – okay, not entirely sure about this one but I need to decide soon as I know it sells out quickly but it’s my birthday weekend and that seems like a fun way to spend my birthday. Right?

In other news, it’s taking me longer to recover from Sunday than I expected. Since I wasn’t that fast and I’ve been working out quite a lot I figured I’ve be back to my regular workout schedule in just a couple days. No siree. Yesterday was the first day I exercised because I had a spin class and it was so tough! Then I swam but only did 400 meters because I could tell my body was asking for a longer break. I decided not to run this morning, but will be spinning tomorrow and hopefully doing a short brick on Saturday morning to get back into my routine.

I’ve also been so unbelievably tired. For someone who regularly gets 8.5 – 9 hours of sleep, it’s hard to imagine being sleep deprived but I don’t know if it’s the heat or what but I nearly fell asleep at work yesterday and I would be surprised it I made it to 8:30 last night. Hoping I am back to my usual self in the next day or two!