It seems that I’m starting to get nervous for this weekend’s race. I’m not great at recognizing when I’m nervous, it’s not until I have physical cues that I realize I’m nervous. Often before races I feel aches and pains that are completely made up. This happened yesterday when I set out for an easy run in the morning — what would be my last pre-race workout — and within minutes decided my legs were too heavy, achey, everything to run. I even stopped for a few seconds to decide if I should keep running or give myself an extra break before the race. I settled on running. Guess what? Once I was going, I was completely fine.

Today my back is sore. Why? There is no reason for it except that I know I’ve got a race this weekend and I’m phsyching myself out. But am I nervous? Nah — why should I be nervous?

I do readily admit to getting nervous about packing. I have left without my bib for running races twice (fortunately I remembered both times before leaving the driveway) but preparing for a marathon is easy compared to a tri. There are three times as many events to pack for! If you do a google search for tri packing lists, it is beyond overwhelming so I really worry about forgetting things. Generally, I pack for each sport separately with an addition pile for all three (which includes things like sunscreen) and it’s intense!

I’m really excited about the weekend. I have a support team going with me (one person, one dog, that’s a team, right? and apparently a lot of sign research has been going on this week so the support expectations are quite high). We’re going to get there early and be tourists on Saturday, something I didn’t do last year. But, aside from packing, I’m also a bit nervous about the weather. I’ve seen one other participant post a screen shot of Sunday’s weather forecast and it shows a projected heat index well above 100 by Sunday afternoon. I think it should be mid-80s when I finish and that’s still plenty hot. Much more and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish.

Stay tuned for a race recap in a few days!