Tri season? Here I come.

This has been my first official week of training for this fall’s half ironman (official can be used loosely, I’m training mostly on my own and made up my own plan). No, I still haven’t decided what race to do. Because of family things, my plans to do the Cedar Point race are cancelled. The top two contenders right now are Patriot’s (in Williamsburg) and TOUGHMAN (in New York state). I’m leaning toward TOUGHMAN because I’m already doing a race in Williamsburg (in two weeks!) and the bike distance is wrong for some unknown reason.

Not only has this been the first week of training but it’s also my first week of early wake-ups. I’m generally a morning person so am usually up by 6:00 regardless of the day’s plans, but I’m historically bad at schedule changes so I’ve already switched to my work sleep schedule to give myself some time to adjust before I start next week. This means I’m up at 5:15 in the morning! Yuck. Eventually I’ll get used to it…right?