In December I decided I wanted to work out at least 10 hours per week. I made this goal for a couple reasons: I knew I would need to do that for half ironman training so it seemed like a good way to do some unfocused base building and it also seemed like a great way to have something to focus on besides job hunting (which reminds me, I haven’t announced to the blog that I found a job and will be starting in June!).

We’ve now had 18 full weeks in 2015 and I have worked out 176 hours and 11 minutes (give or take…) which comes down to an average of 9 hours and 47 minutes per week. Not far from my goal – especially since I’ve really been slacking the last few weeks!

I’m going to try to keep this up at least through my half ironman (which is likely going to be the Patriot’s Half in Williamsburg instead of the Cedar Point race now due to work and family scheduling conflicts). I’ve created a training plan for the race that is ambitious but I think doable with a bit of planning and determination. Most weeks I’ll be doing 10-12 hours of training with a few cutbacks thrown in. Because of my base in all three sports already, I’m feeling pretty good about starting my training plan on the 25th — that’s so soon! Why not start training for a half ironman and start a new job within a week of each other, right?