This morning, for the first time, I showed up at the gym for a 5:45 AM class without music. This particular gym wants all instructors to use the gym’s corporate-approved music so instructors either have to carry an aux cord with them (which, really, isn’t that hard) or take CDs. I had neither. I have a CD case that is at full capacity with music for class. It wasn’t there. I triple checked. I almost asked one of the participants to check. I have arrived to the gym without a sweat towel, without water, without socks. It is possible to do a class without those things…the no music this morning was not okay.

Eventually I ran down to the front desk and got a cycle CD and had to teach a class using music I hadn’t heard before. Several thoughts went through my head as this class progressed:

  1. Damnit Damnit Damnit I don’t even know most of these songs!
  2. Where is my music!?!?! I haven’t opened my gym bag since Monday night!
  3. Oh hey, I wouldn’t have been able to do this a few months ago…maybe I’m getting the hang of this.
  4. Wait, wasn’t my gym bag open when I got home Monday night?
  5. This music sucks.
  6. Well, wasn’t the worst class ever (that would be the first I taught) but everyone was understanding.

Also, for a couple completely unrelated items:
Check out this chart from Vox about how the American diet has changed in the last 40 years (mostly good…but check out high fructose corn syrup – yuck!)
And, for a bit of vanity, I had an article published by Verily yesterday…check it out!