The hardest part of training…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the hardest part of training is eating. I like schedules and, in most things, I’m very disciplined. I think this is 95% of the reason I like training. I’m terrible at racing so that isn’t it, I think it’s the schedule part of it. But food isn’t in the schedule! (And I’m not quite that type-A to plan all of my meals for the whole training program.)

Recently I’ve been exercising about double what I do during peak marathon training. That is a little extreme, but as I gear up for half ironman training, it’s only going to stay up here. So it should be no surprise that I’m hungry beyond imagination most all the time. When I trained for Marine Corps last summer, I didn’t notice a big spike in my appetite, I think that’s because I was already used to that level of activity. But the last few weeks it’s come in full force and I haven’t yet remembered all my tricks for managing that.

Twice this week I have eaten two fried eggs, hashed browns and cheese for breakfast around 7:00 and been hungry at 10:00. On Monday I was working at Salvadoran Enterprises for Women and one of the women late in the afternoon said, “I’m so hungry I feel like Hannah.”

Finally I remembered what I used to do: smoothies! So I’m going to stock up on smoothie supplies so I can go back to calorie-packed deliciousness in the morning that will hopefully keep me hungry until…oh, 10:05?

How about this throwback to the time I ate two giant breakfasts at Chocolate Gallery in Detroit with Jessica and Ezra before our first marathon?2012-10-20 10.06.58