Rest day? Am I finally learning to listen to my body?!

So my alarm went off at 6:00 this morning and I was oh so excited to go on my first run in almost a month. Seriously. My body wants to run! But I had a couple of insane spin weeks and just couldn’t fit in it. So today was the day. Until I woke up realized my legs were tired and I should probably take a day off. Ugh. Why can’t they do everything I want them to?!

This is how I’m spending my morning instead:IMG_2371This week I created my training scheduled to get me across the finish line at the Cedar Point Half Ironman this September and some pretty intense training is going to start in just a couple weeks so I’m okay giving myself a couple lighter weeks before jumping into that. While my training calendar technically starts May 25, I’m planning to do the Williamsburg Olympic Tri again in June so the base part of my HIM plan is more like a taper for the olympic so I really need to get back at it more seriously in the next week or two. Which means I need to run! I’m hoping tomorrow’s the day!