Branching out

The weekend’s over and I didn’t run! Yikes…instead I’ll tell you about something else.

In February I did a certification course to be able to teach exercise classes other than indoor cycling and my score finally came in so I’ve been leading a full body class for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I’m just a sub for the month — sort of the interim instructor until the new permanent person can start, but it’s been really fun!

The nice thing about starting this class was that I wasn’t new to leading a class like when I started spinning. That first class was brutal! This time was fun, though. I’ve participated in the class enough that I knew what it was all about and had an idea of who the regulars were. The first class I did was so challenging that I couldn’t walk comfortable for three days and I was worried nobody would come back! Luckily they did.

I really enjoy teaching. It’s fun, I meet a lot of cool people and I get paid to workout! Awesome, right? The thing that sometimes gets to me is not being able to fit in other activities. I haven’t run in 8 days and I really want to! I just can’t. I spent nearly nine hours on a bike this past week so a run just wasn’t in the cards. Soon though!

IMG_2335I did finally squeeze in a swim this weekend. I’m pretty sure my last swim was my birthday. Then my roommate and I headed down to the Tidal Basin to see cherry blossoms. So beautiful! And oh so many people. It had been awhile sine I had a nice relaxing stroll down there so it was great to be down there.

Oh yeah, Hillary Clinton finally announced she’s running for president and I wrote about it here. Check it out!