A Weekend of Food!

Disclaimer: if you don’t want to read a really long post about food (full of links to delicious recipes), then you should move along…

As I mentioned a bit ago, I haven’t been eating all that well recently. Evening classes are hard to arrange eating around! I finally finished that gigantic pot of paella so now what? I decided if I cooked an insane amount of food, I wouldn’t have any excuse to eat Crispix for dinner again (but seriously, Crispix are delicious even when not coated in chocolate and powdered sugar). So, this became a weekend of cooking. And dish washing.

First: bake two loaves of bread. Have I mentioned how much I love Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day enough just yet? I do. You should buy it. And buy it for your mom, and cousin, and neighbor. Everyone should have it. Then I cut up those loaves and made a crazy amount of croutons. I made so many that I put some in the freezer.


Look at that falafel

For years I’ve been wanting to make falafel but have been intimidated.This weekend seemed as good a time as any. Turns out, it’s not so hard. Quite awhile ago I bought The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook  but haven’t actually use it for anything until trying out the falafel recipe.

Why not add in some quinoa salad? Healthy, easy to eat, doesn’t need reheated – it’s even easier than Crispix. I don’t have to open cereal and milk, I just have to open the single serving Pyrex container and get a spoon!

I’ve made sweet potato black bean burgers a few times and have even posted about them. They are so delicious! They’re supposed to be really spicy but I don’t think they are. Each time I add a bit more of a kick but still I wouldn’t consider them spicy. I do make one big substitution: I don’t use millet (I don’t even really know what that is…) but use quinoa in its place. Why not add some extra protein? This time I’m freezing them! I made a double recipe, formed the patties, froze them on a cookie sheet, and then put them into freezer bags. (I’d rather not use freezer bags but somehow we’re always short on Pyrez…we have three big sets! Don’t ask me how that is even possible.)

…and some more bagels. Most of the dough will be frozen so I can boil and bake fresh bagels whenever I please. I could only make half a recipe though because somehow I’m out of bread flour, too! (Not to get too specific, but the beginning of the bread book talks all about different kinds of flour, I use all purpose flour for everything except the bagels.)

…and some freshly baked hamburger buns for my black bean burgers. Totally worth it. Way tastier.

Yep...I used tortillas...seemed more versatile than buying pita.

Yep…I used tortillas…seemed more versatile than buying pita.

And, obviously, some hummus. Hummus and falafel go together like peanut butter and jelly? Macaroni and cheese? Gin and tonic? I forgot, again, to save some of the liquid from the chickpeas so I think the flavor could be richer but oh well. Next time I’ll (try to) remember.

And somehow I used up all of my flour. How did that happen? It seems like I just bought those 20 pounds of flour yesterday. All of it. No flour left. Zippo. I guess a return to Costco is going to have to happen soon.

Oh yeah, since this is a fitness blog, I should probably mention Saturday’s lazy run and the double spin classes on Sunday followed by a 7 mile Mass Ave run with Alison. The playlist I created for spin classes this week is amazing – stay tuned!