Review: ClassPass Part I

Have you heard of ClassPass? No? It’s a pretty cool idea. It’s $99 a month and you can take as many classes as you’d like at their many, many studios. It’s in a few cities and is somewhat new to DC. There are a lot of great studios that participate. While you can take as many classes as you’d like throughout the month, you can only go to the same studio 3 times per month.

$99 is definitely expensive compared to a typical gym membership, but with many specialty gyms charging $14-$19 (or more!) per class or quite a bit more than $100 per month for unlimited classes, it really only takes about 2 classes per week to make it worth it. The other thing about class pass that I think is great is that you can follow your favorite instructors from gym to gym if they’re all on ClassPass.

I did a trial one week pass after receiving an email that the $10 trial fee would be refunded if I went to three classes. Seemed like a pretty good deal to me! I had been wanting to try it out since I heard about it so this seemed like a great opportunity.

The first disappointment was that I really wanted to go to a Yogalates class at Yoga Heights but they don’t offer it anymore! I guess it shows that I haven’t been there in awhile if I didn’t even know one of my favorite classes has been canceled. Oh well. I’ve written about Yoga Heights before, it is my favorite yoga studio I’ve been to in DC but, unfortunately, I didn’t go while testing out ClassPass.

I did a slow flow class at Past Tense Yoga. I had done a couple other classes at Past Tense before this trial and I think the studio is fine. It’s not a very convenient location for me (especially because parking down there is a pain), but the classes I’ve done have been pretty good. I did a pilates class after a ten mile run a couple weeks ago – that was tough! My hip flexors were not a big fan of me that day. My only big complaint about Past Tense is that it’s too hot. I got a peak of the thermostat before one class, it was set at 78! If I wanted to be sweating before starting, I’d go to a hot class. I don’t do that because hot Hannah = grumpy Hannah.

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!