14 rainy miles

Well, hello again. How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous.

I gave myself some much needed down time and am feeling great. Saturday was dreary but I had plans to meet Alison for 14 miles and no amount of rain was going to keep us away (okay, I’m sure some amount of rain would have kept us away). We started out with a couple miles and then cheered Rock n Roll runners up Calvert Hill. We did a pretty good job – we spotted five of our friends so I say that’s success!

The 12 miles following the cheering went pretty well…though I doubt either of us would have done it without the other. It was rainy and we had cold hands but somehow we talked each other into continuing on. We ran up 16th so we got in plenty of hills, then ran through Rock Creek Park a ways before finishing with a giant hill to get back to my car.

It feels pretty good that I ran 14 miles without any race in mind (besides the Cedar Point Half Ironman in September…but I don’t need to be running 14 for that). I didn’t know that I was self-motivated enough to be doing double digit runs without having an upcoming race.

IMG_2301 copy

Spectating ladder ball before actually playing…and winning!

On Sunday a group of ladies got together for to celebrate those who raced on Saturday. It was an “ethnic brunch” and I made French toast (not sure what part of me that represents but…hey). I baked up some bread, layered it with cream cheese and walnuts, then dumped eggy milky goodness over the top and baked it up. Pretty tasty though I don’t know that I’ll do it again.

We had so much fun we stayed all afternoon and I hit the pillow pretty hard when I got home…just to wake up at 5:00 to teach a spin class. I took a nap at 7:15.

I also made these chocolate chip cookies which are decent. I don’t bake cookies often enough to have a “go-to” recipe. I almost always use the recipe on the chocolate chip bag or use the trusty Google. But after already baking the first batch, I remembered that I do have a super fantastic chocolate chip recipe from this book. So I’m going to remind myself of that next time I bake…which might be awhile. I have a habit of eating all the cookies so I much prefer buying one cookie when I’m in the mood instead of baking and eating two dozen.