The challenge of being a sub

I’ve been teaching loads of indoor cycling classes recently and I really do enjoy it but I must say I enjoy my regular classes a lot more than subbing. Every instructor is different, has a different style, leads a different kind of class, etc. so it can be challenging to go into a class when the participants are used to one kind of class and mine is completely different.

Sometimes they like it; sometimes they are quite irritated and complain to my boss and their regular instructor! Other times I sub and they ask if I can take over that time permanently (which always is weird…I just encourage them to go to one of my normal classes).

A few weeks ago I took over a class from someone who had been doing it for awhile. My style is clearly very different from hers. I never took a class with her, but after every class I get requests and feedback about what they didn’t like (and, less frequently, what they did like). While I really appreciate their feedback as it helps me plan better classes, it’s kind of annoying to be expected to teach just like the previous or regular instructor.

Anyway, just finished my first class of the day…just two more! (Yikes, I’ve not done three classes in a day before.)