Running, Spinning, Eating, Sleeping, Repeating

Oh boy. I don’t know about you but I feel like I need another weekend already.

Mine kicked off with a really cold 11 mile run. Once I regained feeling in my fingers (thanks, mom, for buying me gloves!), the run was great. Clear skies, good company, fun route but oh man did I want to stay in bed. On a scale of 0-10, my motivation to run Saturday morning was hovering around 1.2 and that was only so I could have bragging rights that I did it. Eventually I convinced myself I only had to do 8 miles instead of 10 and I got dressed in several layers (after seeing the windchill was 3 degrees).

I took off with Alison and we were keeping a pretty good pace and after the first couple miles I was feeling good. She was planning 11 miles (as she is training for a marathon, I’m not officially training for much of anything at the moment) and I thought, why not? I’ll go ahead and do 11 with her. And we did. And it was great. It was a bit odd, though, I didn’t run with Katya at all! I felt deprived or something. Because it was cold, there is no photographic evidence as not even the Capitol Building, Washington Monument, or White House could convince me to take my gloves off to take a picture.

While I’m hoping to do a race this spring (anyone want to “sponsor” me and pay my entry?), my real goal is just to stay at a level where I can do a half marathon any time without much prep. After Marine Corps last fall that was my goal and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it. This will make training for my Half Ironman later this year much easier (and, I guess, maybe, a little less scary).

And then, no nap. Seriously. Come on body, that’s the best part of Saturday winter runs. But no luck. Instead I started watching Breaking Bad. I’m hooked. I finished Weeds a few weeks ago, why not move on to another drug show?

Butternut squash puree

Butternut squash puree

Sunday morning I had back to back spin classes. I actually really like doing these back to back classes. Yesterday, however, I did two really challenging classes and there was so much energy in the room that I went 100% the whole time and was exhausted by the end. Four people did the double with me and three did the double because last week I announced I’d be doing it! That was pretty fun.



While spinning I decided that I should make all things possible on Sunday and I did just that. After a trip to both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (why does TJ’s never have frozen spinach when I’m there?!), I came home and set out to bail and bake bagels, make chocolate rice crispy treats, croutons (first I had to bake the bread…probably easier/better with already stale bread but I’m not a patient person), and butternut squash lasagna which first requires boiling and pureeing the squash. But oh so worth it…especially when I quadrupled the cheese. :-) Oh yeah, and I prepared a pork belly roast that will be baked today.

ooey gooey deliciousness

ooey gooey deliciousness

Really, all this meant was that I have a lot of delicious food and washed every dish in my apartment at least 3 dozen times yesterday:IMG_2227And with that, I’m off to spin some more.