Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. Growing up, I don’t remember especially looking forward to birthdays. After college I lived with my brother and sister in law for a bit and she loves her birthday. It’s a big deal. And I decided that I wanted my birthday to be a big deal, so I’ve tried to make it that way ever since. This year’s birthday weekend has been awesome.


Thanks for being our photographer, Katya!

Saturday started with an 8 mile run to visit Abraham Lincoln. To celebrate, Alison and I ran up the steps. I regretted that a bit when we got to a big hill later in the run. The rest of Saturday I read. Have you read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? No? Do it. I can’t put it down.
Sunday started out with my usual indoor cycling class, but I made it a few minutes longer for my birthday and the theme was whatever I wanted. At the end I said that I thought it was the most challenging class we’d done yet and seemingly in unison most of the class said, “Happy Birthday.”

From Thursday to Thursday last week I taught 10 spin classes! That didn’t leave much time for anything else so I was super excited to swim yesterday. A nice swim was my birthday present to myself and it felt great (and slow) after so much time out of the pool.


We clean up pretty well, don’t you think?

Back home I made brunch (details about the almond raspberry braid coming in a couple days) and had fun hanging out with my friends before getting back to reading Americanah. Pretty soon it was dinner time so I went to trusty Smitten Kitchen made this awesome mushroom marsala pasta dish and it was great! (Though, it did take a bit longer than I expected.)

Then it was off to celebrate at Bourbon with friends. Over Manhattans and a delicious chocolate cake (made by my friend Tiffany), a good time was had by all. I’d say this ranked as one of my best birthdays. Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate!

Now, to go get those doughnuts out of the oven (I know, I know, they should be fried).