Feel the burn

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 3.16.10 PMHey there! Happy Monday! It’s a wet one here in Silver Spring. I started the day with a 6:30 am spin class. I was much more excited about that early morning time before I set the 5:30 alarm last night. Yikes! But it was fun, great turn out for a cold rainy day when most places in the area have a delayed open today.

Not much running to tell you about because I’ve been spinning, spinning, spinning. This morning’s class was my 6th class in 5 days and my legs are feeling it! Add to that the training I did to be able to teach another class and wowza…I think the last time my legs were this sore was after Marine Corps. But it’s good sore. :-)

I used this playlist for a few of the classes (some classes had repeat participants so I needed to switch it up with different music). I love this list and the ride is fun…it’s a theme and nobody has guessed it yet.