2014 Goals Reviewed

At the end of 2013 I shared some goals for 2014. So, how did I do?

Primary Goals2014-02-08 11.22.33:

I did not complete the Shamrock Marathon. I did the Shamrock Half Marathon and really enjoyed it. I did complete the Marine Corps Marathon this fall and, though there were some rough parts, I felt pretty good at the end so I think I completed the marathon goal, just not with the goal marathon.

Be faster on my bike? I felt pretty good during the bike of the Williamsburg Tri. Guess I don’t really know if I was faster since I didn’t have anything to compare it to! I was a tiny bit faster than the tri I did in 2013 and I’m pretty sure I’ll be faster this year.

Complete a couple olympic distance triathlons. I only did one. I would have liked to do at least one more but tris are expensive and without someone else to go with it seemed like a lot of work! However, next year will be the year of the tri.

Secondary Goals:

I did not PR a half marathon. I think I’m going to forget this goal. I’m faster now than I have been in awhile and I think I can get closer but I want to focus more on swimming and biking than running I think.

Swim faster! Not sure if I’m faster, but I’m definitely better and can swim farther. I’m making pool time a priority and am now swimming 3 days a week usually.

So, all in all, a draw. I definitely had these goals in mind throughout the year and I think the goals are still valid in the coming year.