Spinning, Spinning, and even more Spinning

The last week has been intense! Three days this week I taught two indoor cycling classes — today it was two in a row! I’ll get a bit of a break from spinning now, though, until January which seems like a very long time from now…unless (fingers crossed) I get called this week to sub!

Remember when I said my goal is to be known as an instructor with great music? I think I’m succeeding! This week I had people come up to me after every class telling me how great the music was. A couple people have even asked about the songs and bands to get the music for themselves at home. (Maybe OK Go and Dawes should give me a cut?) I even had people tell me today they loved my music even though I made the mistake of not re-listening to the very end of a song and had to skip the rest when the language was a bit much at the end. oops!

I’m excited to run more this week since I’ll be cycling less. Woohoo!

In more delicious news, I made this butternut squash lasagna this week and it’s amazing. Make it. I finished eating leftovers yesterday and almost didn’t want to just so it would last longer.

And, just for fun, here’s the music video from an OK Go song I like to include in classes (it’s great for doing jumps!):