Listen to your body

I tell myself this all the time. I’m pretty good about it and will alter workouts and/or do something different if I need to. But I’m also really bad at taking rest days. Why rest when I could do something?! This morning I listened when my legs told me not to run. I set out and pretty quickly decided to take the day off. My loving roommate asked me how I was going to justify spending all day in bed if I didn’t run.

I’ve been working out a lot recently. I love marathon training but sometimes I wish I could fit in all the other things I like to do with that amount of running and it’s really hard so now I’m going a bit crazy doing all the stuff I want to do all the time! I’ve been doing some amount of strength training 4-5 days a week and swimming, running or biking 5-6 days a week (teaching indoor cycling every chance I get). I’m reminding myself of this right now as I feel bad for not running. I can feel my body getting stronger and I’m impatient that resting is an important part of improving.

So, have a good weekend all, I’ll be trying not to get too antsy over here not running!