Monthly Archive: December, 2014

2014 Goals Reviewed

At the end of 2013 I shared some goals for 2014. So, how did I do? Primary Goals: I did not complete the Shamrock Marathon. I did the Shamrock Half Marathon and really… Continue reading

I excel at slacking

I have worked out exactly one time this week. It’s Saturday. Coming off several weeks of 10+ hours a week, I simultaneously feel awesome and terrible.  A couple weeks ago I was talking to… Continue reading

Spinning, Spinning, and even more Spinning

The last week has been intense! Three days this week I taught two indoor cycling classes — today it was two in a row! I’ll get a bit of a break from spinning… Continue reading

Add some crunch to your salad or, alternatively titled, an ode to walnuts

I eat a lot of salad. This is a new addition to my culinary life in the last year or two. I just never knew the wonders of a salad before. It’s so… Continue reading

Listen to your body

I tell myself this all the time. I’m pretty good about it and will alter workouts and/or do something different if I need to. But I’m also really bad at taking rest days.… Continue reading

I don’t set time goals

My goal at the beginning of every race is to finish it. That’s all. And I have been successful in achieving this goal! However, I’m starting to consider setting time goals for half… Continue reading