Oh what a week[end]!

I just woke up from a nap. Yep. I fell asleep for a nap before noon today. It’s been awhile since that happened. Probably since last winter. Winter Saturdays, to me, mean big workout followed by big nap followed by big afternoon in bed. By that standard, today is going to be about perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Did you all have a pie all to yourselves? Anyone who knows me well (as Anne Marie does) will understand that I don’t believe in non-chocolate desserts. Naturally, Anne Marie prepared me a chocolate pecan pie and everyone else was too much of a wimp to try it. So, here it is, my very own pie:
I started Thursday a bit crazy…I went to a full body strength class I like but as a special Thanksgiving treat, it was transformed into 45 of strength and 30 of yoga. It was really great! And I followed that with a 2k swim. Usually I swim before this class so that was a bit of a challenge!

Yesterday I met a couple friends for a nice leisurely bike ride. Except it was cold! My poor fingers and toes!!! Jeez Louise! Before leaving for the ride I had a conversation with myself that went about like this:

“I don’t have a pocket big enough for a pump today.”

“It’s okay. It’s just a short ride, you just pumped them up, you should be okay.”

“But I really think I need a pump. Just in case. What if someone else needs it?!”

“But you don’t have anything you can wear that can hold it!”

“Ugh. Okay fine. ”

About an hour later, I got a flat. Yep. About a mile walk from the closest metro. So off we trod in cycling shoes and rolling bikes. Next time I’ll figure out how to carry the pump.

IMG_2062.JPGLater Friday evening I was walking down a very poorly lit driveway and fell off the side, I must have jumped back very suddenly because I twisted the other ankle! Yep, after thousands of miles of running, weight lifting, general frolicking about, I twisted my ankle walking. Go me. Not that big of a deal, more frustrating than painful but it led to canceling my run today.

It did not, however, lead to canceling TWO spinning classes this morning. Yep. Two. Back to back. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but I was a bit nervous. And several people did both of them! Good thing I took two CDs with me – I had considered doing the same class twice! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the mic to work so I had to shout over music the whole time. I’m going to use my ankle and voice as little as possible the rest of the day.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the long weekend as much as I am!