My goal as a spinning instructor

Aside from the obvious of improving my instructing skills (I’m supposed to workout and talk at the same time?! What am I supposed to talk about the whole time? Should I be funny? Maybe I should sing along to fun music? Should I talk about how much I think this sucks too?), my biggest goal as an instructor is to be known as someone with great music.

To help me do this, I’ve decided that many of my playlists will be themed. This is definitely inherited from my dad. We used to drive to visit Nanie (my awesome grandma) a lot and we almost always had a theme for the music and they weren’t always intuitive. One Christmas we did a dead artists trip and only played musicians that had died (I think it may have even been musicians that had died that year). Another trip was the Beatles but we primarily played artists other than the Beatles, we just had to explain how it was connected (for example, we played Eric Clapton because he was one of George’s best friends and he played on While My Guitar Gently Weeps).

Anyway, that was a long way to say I like themes. I think my themes will have to be either broad enough to encompass a lot of variety (this week I’m using “Women Who Rock” as my theme and the feedback has been super great) or fun enough that most people will like the playlist (who would complain about a class of Motown?).

The biggest obstacle I have to achieving this goal is lack of music. I have great ideas for several playlists but almost all are begging for songs not in my library so it may take a bit for me to be able to build these lists. Shucks.

How was that for a post full of parentheses?