Wowza. I just came back from the gym and I’m wishing I could spend the rest of the day napping. Too bad there are things to do!

I’m currently trying to do two things workout-wise: build a solid base in swimming, biking and running so when I start training for next year’s triathlons I’ll have a good foundation, and do more strength training.

Since I’m not really training right now I’m not following any sort of rigid plan but I’m trying to do at least 2 core workouts a week, 1-2 full body strength days, and 2-3 days each of swimming, biking and running. That means lots of days are either long workouts or two-a-days (which I not so secretly LOVE). This morning I opted for a swim followed by a total body strength class. My arms are tired!

Running-wise I’m in pretty good shape since my marathon just happened so I’m trying to maintain half marathon fitness. This seems pretty manageable as it’s a significant cutback from what I was doing just a month ago.

The biggest challenge is fitting the strength training into leading indoor cycling classes now. I hadn’t done indoor cycling classes in awhile (and now I’m doing 2-4 a week!) so my legs are adjusting to using the different muscles at the same time I’m trying to add in more lifting. I’m easing into the lifting…not so much the spinning as I’m trying to gain experience (each class has been a lot better) and sub as much as I can to make more money!

Okay…off to do things and hopefully not use my arms!