I am now an indoor cycling instructor.

Oh what a weekend. Saturday started the way all Saturdays should: a run with friends. Not too long, but past the Lincoln Memorial and a good return post-marathon. It was also surprisingly chilly! It was just about perfect running weather for me. Though after sitting in a cafe in sweaty clothes, I was just wet and cold to go to the farmer’s market…which led to one of my favorite winter activities: spending all of Saturday in bed!

This morning I led my first indoor cycling class. It was…an experience. I was so nervous going in! And it really didn’t go very well. But the next one will be better and some day I may even be good at it. A few ornery students who were not super forgiving of my newby-ness made it a challenging experience. (Could partly be explained by the fact that I didn’t tell them I had never led a class before!)

I could barely make it through my own class. 3 indoor cycling classes in 4 days after several months off was a lot for these legs!

I followed up the spinning with a swim and a sit in the hot tub. Tomorrow I’m giving my legs a rest!