Remember those goals?

Remember when I started training for this race a few months ago I made some goals? You probably don’t, but I did. And I think this will be my last race re-cap post for now!

What’s the point of setting goals if you don’t check in on them? My goals are in bold below, with my comments following.

  1. Follow the training plan. Yep. Check. I didn’t do tempo runs but I did the right mileage and didn’t miss a run.
  2. Don’t forget sunscreen. Half check. I did really well at the peak of summer but not so well the last few weeks. And I definitely finished the race with a sunburn.
  3. Drink enough water. 9/10 check. I drank plenty while running but probably should have had more through the day.
  4. Cross train. Bike, swim, and core strength training regularly. I swam every week and did a core workout every week.
  5. Do yoga once a week. For most of the training I did yoga at least once a week!
  6. Don’t beat myself up for bad runs. This might be what I’m most proud of. I really didn’t beat myself up when I had awful runs. There were only a couple and I think that is probably because I tried so hard to stay positive.
  7. Eat well. Mmm…sorta. Most of the time.
  8. Feel good at the start line. Maybe. I felt capable at the start line but didn’t want to be there.
  9. Feel accomplished at the finish line. Absolutely.

Some other random comments about the race:

  1. It was really fun doing a race with a course I knew pretty well. I often thought I preferred races with new courses so I could distract myself that way but it was really nice to be prepared for what was coming.
  2. Sunday I felt amazing and full of energy all day. Monday I wanted to sleep all day.
  3. Supporters and cheerers are great. People supporting and cheering for you can completely replenish lost energy.
  4. I still don’t plan on setting a time goal for a marathon for awhile but this race definitely made me feel like someday finishing strong will be a given and I can work on other goals too.