When’s the next one?

I successfully made it to the kitchen for some coffee this morning so time for a Marine Corps Marathon recap!

First, the week leading up. I was not feeling this marathon. I had a tough week and that really impacted my mindset going into the race. I felt like I hadn’t run in months, like I was failing at everything and probably would fail at the marathon, I had a bit of a cold and was nervous about that. When I set my alarm (and checked it three times on Saturday night), I was somewhat sincerely hoping it wouldn’t go off and I wouldn’t have to run.

I went to the expo on Saturday and it was crazy! The line around the stadium went around three sides of it! I was so hungry when I saw the line that I didn’t know if I could get inside without first passing out. Luckily, through the magic of Facebook, a friend met me and waited with me and then we had a fantastic lunch together.
So, race day began bright and early! I ate my bagel, got dressed and left the apartment without my banana that I was planning to eat before the start. I got off the metro at 6:55 and it took half an hour to get to the security check-point! Luckily I pretty magically (through the power of text message) found Katya right past security and we quickly caught up with a couple other friends.
After watching Marines parachute in with American flags, we were off! To avoid making this too long, I’ll post a more about the actual race tomorrow!