Last midweek 7 mile run before MCM

I have a confession to make. I have become accustomed in the last few weeks to waking up, working for a couple hours, then going on a run. Yesterday I needed to wake up, run, then go help SEW. I couldn’t get myself out the door. I almost always run in the morning just not first thing these days. I’d been looking forward to that run for weeks: it was the last time I needed to run 7 miles before Marine Corps!

Luckily, Katya saved me. She also didn’t do her 7 miles as she planned so she invited me to run with her and another friend in the evening. Phew. I would have done the run, but that probably would have meant running Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Not ideal.

I know I just posted about how I don’t like running in the afternoon or evening but tonight’s run was okay. It started out a bit rough, I felt really sluggish but the miles went by quickly and I felt pretty good and strong. Definitely a great feeling after Saturday’s brutal 20.

The moon was pretty, the weather was nice, the air felt great, it was fun to run in the dark with friends. A great run that I really needed yesterday…getting home after 9:00 was a bit late, though!