Yoga Heights Review Part 1: Yoga

After many many months, I’ve finally been going to Yoga Heights. This is a studio that has only been open a few months but I bought a 30 day class pack way back in March or April in preparation to try it out! Then I was working and exhausted and couldn’t get myself there.

Amy, one of the owners of Yoga Heights, has a great blog with lots of great stuff including recipes.

I’ve done several of the classes and, of course, like some more than others. I’ve done both Pilates and yoga and decided to write two different reviews.

The first class I did at Yoga Heights was Back to Basics with Chris. It was tough. As I’ve said before, I do yoga to stretch and recover, this was not a class for stretching and recovering. I was actually sore the next day! Chris was a good instructor and this would have been a really great class if it were what I was looking for.

Teachers make a big difference in classes like this and it’s really a matter of personal preference. After realizing that the “basics” class was too hard for what I was wanting, I stuck with restorative classes. My favorite has been the class on Saturday afternoons taught by Amy. It’s pretty challenging for me after long runs. My muscles don’t want to hold still that long but I’ve noticed a huge difference later in the day and on Sundays after doing these classes.

I’ve done the Wednesday afternoon Restorative class as well and it’s also good. I don’t like it quite as much because the instructor focuses more on breathing and thinking. I’d rather just focus on stretching. It’s still a good class and my preference for the Saturday class may be mostly due to it falling right after a long run.

Anyway, to avoid rambling on much longer…I definitely recommend Yoga Heights! Great studio, great instructors, and (maybe the best part): there are awesome shower curtains.