Why I’m a Morning Runner

Alternate Title: Why Tuesday’s Run Sucked

Alternate Title #2: Why I Should Stick With What Works

On Tuesday I had great plans to wake up, relax a bit, apply for a couple jobs, then do a speed workout on the dreadmill. But then I got distracted and went to do something else and before I knew it the time was 1:00 and I was crazy hungry so I ate three slices of left-over pizza and I was still hungry so I ate some cheesecake and then I was food coma-y so I took a nap and then it was after 3:00 and I still hadn’t run. Ugh.
Finally, I just told myself I had to. I bartered with myself and convinced myself that I didn’t have to do the speed workout but I did have to run. So I set out, hoping for 6 miles. Oh my god. It was terrible. After half a mile I wanted to quit. After a mile I was sure I was going to puke up all my pizza. And it was hot. It was September 30, why was it hot!?

I managed to get myself through 5 miles. Better than 0 but not what I had hoped for.

So, here is why I am (and probably always will be) a morning runner:

  • If I have a jam-packed day, my reason for waking up and getting out of bed is all me. I run for myself, I won’t be mad that I have to get up to run. I may be irritated it I have to get out of bed for something else.
  • It’s harder to make excuses in the morning. In the afternoon/evening, it’s easy to say I’m too tired, I should finish xxx, I need to make dinner, it’s almost bed time, etc.
  • I haven’t had time to eat a bunch of junk that will make me feel crappy while running.
  • I have more energy in the morning.
  • My legs feel like concrete in the evening.
  • My day is better when I run.