Monthly Archive: October, 2014

Remember those goals?

Remember when I started training for this race a few months ago I made some goals? You probably don’t, but I did. And I think this will be my last race re-cap post… Continue reading

Race Recap: MCM

I’m coming down from my runner’s high and feeling awfully sleepy as I write this. Sunday’s race was fantastic. After finally getting to the start line, four of us took off together and… Continue reading

When’s the next one?

I successfully made it to the kitchen for some coffee this morning so time for a Marine Corps Marathon recap! First, the week leading up. I was not feeling this marathon. I had… Continue reading

Way to Improve

Last week I posted why training has gone so well this time. I think it’s also a good idea to reflect on what I could have done better and – hopefully – will do… Continue reading

Oh what a weekend

Boy oh boy. Just seven days left until the Marine Corps Marathon and thank goodness we’re tapering because there’s just too much going on these days. This weekend’s run of eight miles couldn’t… Continue reading

What has made training different this time?

I’ve had several blog posts in the last few months about how great and strong and capable I feel. This is sort of unusual for me during marathon training. Sure, I say it’s… Continue reading

Yoga Heights Review Part 2: Pilates

Last week I posted a review of yoga at Yoga Heights. Now it’s time for Pilates. I’ve done three different Pilates classes and they were all a bit different. Here goes. I went… Continue reading

Michigan Running

Greetings from Michigan where I am hanging out with one of the coolest almost-2 year olds in the world and, of course, running just a bit. On the books for yesterday was 14… Continue reading

Last midweek 7 mile run before MCM

I have a confession to make. I have become accustomed in the last few weeks to waking up, working for a couple hours, then going on a run. Yesterday I needed to wake up,… Continue reading

Yoga Heights Review Part 1: Yoga

After many many months, I’ve finally been going to Yoga Heights. This is a studio that has only been open a few months but I bought a 30 day class pack way back… Continue reading

Why do we do this?!

I’ve been asking myself this question for about 7 hours now. Why do I think training for and running a marathon is a good idea? I had a couple pretty hard runs this… Continue reading

Why I’m a Morning Runner

Alternate Title: Why Tuesday’s Run Sucked Alternate Title #2: Why I Should Stick With What Works On Tuesday I had great plans to wake up, relax a bit, apply for a couple jobs, then… Continue reading