Second Sixteen Anxiety Syndrome

I have survived Second Sixteen Anxiety Syndrome (SASS). The second 16 mile run of marathon training is the most challenging for me. On February 16, 2013 I couldn’t finish the second 16 because of a sharp pain in my foot. This was a stress fracture. So in training I always think this is the run I have to get past. Once I do, most anxiety about training goes away. So I’m very excited that the Marine Corps Marathon is just four weeks away!


Thanks for taking a photo of us, Michael!

Today’s route was challenging! It was up and down the entire way except just a couple miles when we were on a trail! I was pretty nervous about it. I think being nervous is a good thing for long runs because it mentally prepares me for a challenge. Last week I was not prepared. I told myself it was 12 miles on a pretty flat route so it was going to be easy. It ended up being very challenging.

We ran just a couple blocks from my apartment twice, too! That always makes it tough. Luckily I was feeling strong today so not going home wasn’t too hard. Good thing too as my keys and car were at the end of the run!


Here’s proof we were just a couple blocks away from home