This post is all about bragging.

Sometimes I excel at feeding myself. Recently, that has been the case. I have been so good, in fact, that I have no pictures of the food I am about to tell you about because I’d rather eat it than take pictures. I realize I am probably breaking the first rule of food bloggery. Good thing this isn’t a food blog.

I think I’m best at cooking in the fall. I just love fall food. Squash, potatoes, other root vegetables, slow cookers. Tea and coffee all day long. What could be better? While it’s still pretty warm around here, I’m jumping ahead a bit and pretending it’s fall in the kitchen. To get in the fall spirit, this week I’m planning to make pot roast and a super cheesy spaghetti squash casserole.

I’m not working right now. I’ve been off for four weeks and have returned to my old habits of amazing breakfasts. I’m a huge fan of breakfast burritos. It’s one of those things where you can just throw everything in your fridge into a skillet, add an egg, wrap it up in a tortilla and you’ve got the perfect breakfast. Yesterday and today I have added something to make it even more amazing: hashed browns. Just do it. You won’t be sorry.

Sizzlin’ Saturday this week was a two person ordeal, but that didn’t mean we skimped on deliciousness. I made an easy personal pizza using a tortilla for the crust with yellow zucchini (which, I suppose, you may know as summer squash…I just like the word zucchini) and red peppers with some ricotta and sharp cheddar. So delicious. And, it should go without saying, this was followed by a s’more.

I guess I have one photo. It’s pre-cooking:


Notice there’s also a pumpkin beer there, ’tis the season.

Sunday really was the best food day, though. It, of course, started out with a chocolate croissant. Which reminds me, I’m getting closer and closer everyday to finally making my own. It doesn’t look that complicated, just time consuming. And where the heck do I buy chocolate croissant sticks?

Anyway, back to yesterday, in the morning I decided that I needed spicy hummus. Why? I don’t know. When I’ve made hummus in the past, I’ve just thrown the ingredients together and it’s never been right so yesterday I looked up a recipe to make sure I get all the proportions right and I discovered this great food blog. The hummus is so amazing. I think it’s one of the best things to ever be made in my kitchen and it only took about 5 minutes. I considered eating it with a spoon.

Since I made pizza Saturday, my weekend felt incomplete without a black bean burger. I’ve been making super easy black bean burgers. Sort of like the breakfast burritos, I really just throw everything into the food processor and then make patties. I like using black beans, jalapeño, shallot, sour cream, cheese, sometimes I throw in an egg but then I usually need more breadcrumbs. I put in half the black beans, puree with a food processor, than dump it out and mix in the rest of the black beans (this makes it easier to pack). If it’s too runny, add some bread crumbs (quinoa or another grain could be added instead). Then make patties and grill.

I paired my burger with a salad and a slightly modified version of this super easy recipe from Budget Bytes. My roommate tried it and said she thinks it’s her favorite thing I’ve ever made. Woah. My kind of recipe: super easy, super fast, and using ingredients I often have.