12 Tough Miles

Remember last week when I felt so great after 18? Well, I think I was a bit overly confident and thought I could do everything. Turns out, that’s not true. Yesterday we kicked off the day with 12 miles. Low mileage for cutback week.

I am really bad at cutback week. Impressively bad. I don’t need a break, right? I’m so funny. Of course I need a break. But then I get antsy. So what did I do? I didn’t run more this week, but I did swim and do Pilates three times (before a week ago I’d done Pilates one time in my life). That’s lots of hip action for a cutback week. Oops.

We started out fast. Much faster than we usually do Saturday runs (though I run a bit faster during the week) but it was still a bit unsustainable. I was tired around mile 8 and did not want to keep going even a little bit. Fortunately we powered through. A bit past 11 we decided we’d done enough for cutback week and walked back to the store.


See the runway behind us?

I continued my new tradition of doing a restorative yoga class in the afternoon. The teacher was a sub but she was very good! Somehow she knew I really needed to work into my shoulders and hips and that’s exactly what we did.

And, of course, the day ended (as all days should) with some grilling and s’mores. Yummmmmm. No pictures because it was too delicious. And then I stepped on a slug. Luckily we both survived.