Who knew 18 miles could feel so good?!

Okay, I may be coming down from a runner’s high right now but I am so excited after this morning’s run. We did 18 miles and I felt pretty good the whole time. Sure there were some times when I wished it were over but I never wanted to give up and crawl in a hole as I did most of last Saturday.

The weather was great. It was nice enough to feel even a bit chilly when we started (which is always a good sign), it was overcast and we had a route with lots of tree coverage. We actually did the same route we did last weekend, just went a bit further.

Anyway, after my 15 two weeks ago and 18 this week, I’m feeling super excited and ready for the marathon. Just two more really long runs (16 and 20 miles) with a cutback week thrown in and then taper and it’s race time! Almost time!

And now, because I’m a true Hawkeye, I will sacrifice my much-deserved day in bed to go watch Iowa beat Iowa State. Go Hawks!