Oh what a difference 20 degrees makes

This morning I eventually got myself out of bed for a run. After Saturday’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run I really did not want to go out today. Luckily I had new shoes to motivate me.


Aren’t they pretty? I felt like I was flying today!

Then I opened the door and felt how nice it was and all of my negativity about the run slipped away.

It was so nice, in fact (this is clearly all relative…ask me in February what I think of running when it’s 70 degrees and that will be a different story), that I decided to do my more challenging 7 mile route that I thought up a few weeks ago. There are several major hills. One particularly is just super long, plus several short but steep hills.

I was about done and realized I was going to be a bit short so I added a bit. Turns out my addition was quite a bit longer than I thought so my 7 mile run came in at 7.4 miles with an average pace more than 3 minutes fast than Saturday’s run. To be clear: Saturday runs are usually slower than Monday runs but usually by 30-60 seconds…not 3:20!