95 degrees…

This morning we ran 16 miles. The longest run of training so far and the heat index was 95 degrees when we finished. No wonder it was terrible.

I opened my door to leave and I could not understand how it was so gross at 6:30 am. Seriously. That should not be possible. Aside from being stupidly hot, miles 2- 10 were actually pretty good. Three of the five of us missed last week’s run so there was a lot of catching up to do.

Throughout the run the temperature continued rising and the sun got higher and higher. By about mile 11 or 12 we were no longer on completely tree-lined streets and it was miserable. I had to start playing mind games with myself…”just get to 13 and then it’s less than a 5k back, c’mon!” That worked for a bit. I was almost to 15 when my mind gave up. I felt like I was baking. I really though I was going to throw up because I was so hot. I just could not keep going. I walked the last mile +.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever sweat that much in my life. At many points I looked down and was convinced someone had dumped a bucket on me because I had sweat running down every part of me. My sunscreen was everywhere — apparently I didn’t put the sweat proof stuff on this morning. It was so bad that we didn’t even take a photo to document this run. I think that’s the first long run of this season without a photo.

It got better after the run when I bought myself some overdue new shoes! They’re shiny and purple and beautiful!

Hooray for cooler weather coming this week!