15 miles to close out the [running] week


I saw this guy when I stopped to buy coffee. I think he would make a nice addition to my patio.

I am currently in paradise. Other people know it as Okoboji. But I know it as my favorite place. I got here three days ago, after a little time here:
IMG_1785.JPGThe week started with my last day of work, then I flew to Iowa and spent some time with my mom. Then I made it up to Okoboji as fast as possible. The most important rule while I’m here is that I have to get in the Lake every day. So far, I’ve succeeded. Even today when it has rained all day.
IMG_1792.JPG15 miles was on the schedule for this weekend. I’ve never run that far by myself! So I decided I wanted to run at least 10 miles. Yesterday I set off and told Nanie I’d give her a call so she could meet me for breakfast at O’farrell Sisters.


Aren’t my new shorts cool? Thanks, mom!

I was questioning my plans for 10 miles when I started out. The first couple miles were tough. I felt slow, dehydrated, unsure that I was going to make it. After a few miles I was passing a woman and then she passed me so we ended up running a couple miles together. She’s done 16 marathons! Geeze!IMG_1795.JPG
Pretty soon I’d made it 6 miles and all of a sudden felt great.

Unfortunately, the roller coaster wasn’t open. I had gotten it into my head that I HAD to ride the roller coaster during the run. Sad. I kept going and eventually turned around. And then my watched died at 8.4 miles! Two weeks in a row I made the mistake of not charging my watch. Shucks.
When I was about 15 minutes away from O’farrell Sisters, I tried to call Nanie but my fingers were too sweaty to unlock my phone! It took me awhile to be able to do it. Luckily I finally succeeded and about 20 minutes later found Nanie there!
I mapped the run and I did about 12.5 miles. Not bad! I think that’s the longest I’ve run on my own. After a nap I was feeling pretty good so I decided I should do a couple more to get to 15. Mission accomplished. And then I jumped in the Lake. Two missions accomplished.