More cut-back week fun

Today’s long run was 8 miles. That’s right. 8. And Monday’s “easy” run will be 7. So 8 felt pretty good. And it actually got cooler while we ran today. How’s that for great?

We did a route I like: to the Lincoln Memorial and back. That never gets old. It was a great morning. I compared this morning’s run stats with the last time we ran this route. We did it 8 seconds faster. Hooray for consistency!

My Saturday morning routine goes something like this: alarm goes off and I convince myself that I can sleep awhile longer and I’ll totally do the run by myself, then I get up, go meet the group and run, go to the farmers’ market, come home and have breakfast, shower, nap (and write a blog post somewhere in there). This is a great routine. However, I think next week, or soon after, it’s going to have to change. We’re starting the weekends of high mileage soon and that means I need food and a nap as quickly as possible. Not to mention, sometimes it will be too late after I finish running to get to the market. Shucks. I’m bracing myself for just a couple more market Saturdays and I’m not liking it!