100 Things I’ve Learned Running

This is my 100th post! To celebrate, I made a list of 100 things I learned running! I thought about running 100 miles but then decided this was better (just kidding, I didn’t think about running that far, I did 13.1 instead).

  1. Training for a marathon is more than twice as hard as training for a half marathon.
  2. My hips don’t lie: over 20 miles per week and they are sore.
  3. Sometimes I like yoga. Yoga makes my hips feel better.
  4. It’s possible to eat a double bacon cheeseburger and fries from Five Guys and be hungry half an hour later.
  5. Sometimes 2 miles feels like 20.
  6. Sometimes 16 miles feels easy.
  7. “Just an easy 5 miles” is a normal thing to say.
  8. Getting excited for a short run of only 8 miles is something I never would have thought possible 2 years ago.
  9. I feel dehydrated if I don’t drink a gallon of water a day.
  10. Foam rollers are amazing.
  11. A good massage therapist is a very important part of [my] life.
  12. Wool is the best thing to run in.
  13. 80 degrees feels okay…when it was 95 the day before.
  14. I know new levels of hunger.
  15. Sometimes I can wear my normal clothes and still chafe in new places.
  16. Running is a really good way to make really good friends.
  17. My running community is amazing.
  18. Training is important.
  19. Cross training is very helpful.
  20. I don’t know how I ever trained without carrying water.
  21. Telling people I run with snacks makes them think I’m a total badass.
  22. Having a bad Tuesday? Just think, “It’s okay, I ran 16 miles on Saturday.”
  23. Shoes can be the difference between the best run ever and every fiber of your body hurting.
  24. Speed work is really really hard. And usually worth it.
  25. My body doesn’t like running in the evening.


    Text from Jessica

  26. Even when I fight myself to get out of bed at 5:20 for a run, it’s always worth it.
  27. It is possible to learn to like hills.
  28. I get funny looks when I say “I want 2 eggs over easy, bacon, and hashed browns. And I’d like an English muffin to come out right now.”
  29. I get to know people very well over the course of a 4 hour run.
  30. Medals are awesome.
  31. Running + crying = good therapy
  32. Sometimes something hurts and I can keep running.
  33. Sometimes something hurts and the doctor tells me he’ll see me in the operating room if I run more.
  34. “I can’t eat enough calories there” is not a rare response when making lunch or meal plans.
  35. Getting somewhere and realizing I came without snacks is sad.
  36. Getting to 1:00 on a Wednesday and realizing I’ve eaten all the food I brought to the office for the whole week is simultaneously sad and impressive.
  37. Getting injured right before a race I’ve trained really hard for is heartbreaking.
  38. There will always be another race.
  39. Injury is a good time to try out different activities.
  40. Sometimes after a really long run, I find it easier to run than to walk the rest of the day.
  41. Every race is different.
  42. Every run is different.
  43. I don’t like most of my runs until at least mile 2 or 3.
  44. The days when I least want to run are the most important days to run.
  45. Avocado can be added to anything. Avocado = more calories = 13 extra seconds before thinking about eating again.
  46. Wearing a heart rate monitor is pretty cool! I am obsessed.
  47. Running pictures are the best pictures.
  48. The best part of training is spending all day in bed after a long run.
  49. Coming back to running after a break is really really hard. It’s just like starting over.
  50. A hot tub is a great substitute for a heating pad.
  51. Running to the Lincoln Memorial never gets old.
  52. Running can be a very social activity.
  53. It is at times possible to wring sweat out of clothes…even technical fabrics.
  54. Putting shoes on after a long run is not fun.
  55. Finding clothes that are work appropriate and fit my hips, butt, thighs and calves all at the same time is a big challenge.
  56. Getting into a warm bed after a long run in the winter is one of the many joys of running.
  57. Having friends/a roommate/a brother who will always listen to me talk about running is pretty awesome.
  58. While in peak training, thoughts are limited to running, eating, and maybe work. I am very boring in social situations.
  59. Hearing “I would die if I ran that far” from non-runners has never been funny.
  60. 30-40 degrees is my preferred running temperature.
  61. I will very likely cry if I’m running and it’s more than 80 degrees.
  62. Wait, I’m going to have to finish this later. I haven’t eaten in 3 minutes.
  63. Running without a shirt is a bad idea. Then there’s nothing to wipe the sweat off my face.
  64. Those water fountains in parks that used to gross me out? Great places to fill up my bottle.
  65. Beer tastes even better on days when I’ve had a long run.
  66. It’s possible to still be sweating after a cold shower.
  67. I have to make breakfast as soon as I get in from a long run to prevent showering, falling asleep, and waking up sick from not eating.
  68. I don’t like NUUN. Gross.
  69. It’s sometimes acceptable to take the elevator even if it would otherwise only mean one flight of stairs.
  70. I can do anything.
  71. It’s fun to run somewhere to meet someone. Especially when food is at the destination.
  72. When I started running I didn’t want to run with other people ever. Now I love it!
  73. My pace changes a lot.
  74. Running on vacation is hard.
  75. Smoothies are great.
  76. Sometimes after running a really long way, I’m too tired to eat.
  77. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep isn’t a necessity, it’s a NECESSITY.
  78. It is possible to get tired of eating.
  79. Running when it’s 15 degrees is significantly better than running when it’s 75 degrees.
  80. Bodies are fascinating.
  81. Rest days are important.
  82. Merino socks are immeasurably better than cotton socks.
  83. Races can be great excuses for a weekend away.
  84. It’s completely normal to check my training schedule before making plans. “Oh, sorry, I’m busy that weekend 8 years from now because I’m running 18 miles that morning.”
  85. Long runs are an awesome excuse to not go out on Fridays. And Saturdays.
  86. Cheering for myself is very effective. Sometimes it even needs to be out loud.
  87. 3 miles on the dreadmill is equal to 12 miles on the road.
  88. When runners talk about the weather, it’s not because the conversation has ended.
  89. Running is the best meditation.
  90. Be very careful about who text messages are going to…especially when they’re about chafing.
  91. Body glide is amazing.
  92. Zucchini is called courgettes in the UK.
  93. Running clothes are way more comfortable than other clothes. Can’t we all just wear UnderArmour all the time?
  94. Long flat runs are very boring.
  95. Flying can make my legs hurt.
  96. Never say never.
  97. It can take hours to cool down after a run in the heat.
  98. Garmin is superior to Nike.
  99. Running is not a cheap sport. Whoever thinks this clearly doesn’t run.
  100. When I’m running alone, I prefer to go without music or podcasts.



Turn around point of our half marathon today.