“Track” workouts

My running group has track workouts once a week. Unfortunately, I’ve very rarely been able to go. When I was in classes, I always had class at that time (every semester!) and now I’m just so tired at the end of a work day that there is no way I’ll go to track at 7:00 pm. I can barely keep my eyes open at 7:00 most nights. But I know that there is a big benefit to doing them so I’ve been trying to do the prescribed workouts on Tuesday mornings on the dreadmill.

It’s been going pretty well! I think all of my runs have a benefit but track and long runs are the two that I feel really accomplished when they’re complete. I mean, I’m a slow runner (my long run pace is often slower than 12:00 minutes per mile) but sometimes for speed workouts I do parts at an 8:00 minute mile. Then I feel like a badass. And just a little bit like I want to collapse.

I definitely feel different doing these workouts…and sweat even more…and my heart often feels like it might beat out of my chest…and I’m sore after them but then the rest of the day I can remind myself that I was awesome in the morning.