Fast week!

This has been a fast week for many reasons: I’ve been running fast (relatively), lots has been happening, and now it’s Friday!

It’s been a beautiful week. Unfortunately on Tuesday I’d planned to do a dreadmill workout. I saw unfortunately because 1) the dreadmill is dreadful and 2) it was so nice outside I think I did an indoor workout on one of the best days of summer. But the workout was great! It was a pyramid speed workout and one that I’ve done before and really like. It reminded me that I really should do these workouts every Tuesday…I’ll try.

Ernst protestWednesday I saw Senator McCain. I was at an event asking Joni Ernst to stand up to big oil and stand for Iowans. I was standing on the sidewalk with some flyers and saw McCain come from behind a bus. I was a bit starstruck. He was very genuine and friendly. A couple other congressmen (with names nobody knew) sent their staff out to talk to us…I almost suggested they take lessons from John McCain about being friendly.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a run day. After almost 3 hours of standing, I was tired!

Thursday was a super fun pub run! I finally cashed in on a beer I won by beating everyone else to store a few months ago (I had a bit of an advantage…I was a the front of the pack on a sidewalk that made it difficult to pass me when the challenge was presented).

I have a feeling my Garmin thinks my max heart rate is different than it is. On a few occasions, I have gone to more than 100% max during a workout. I may need to do some experimenting to see if I can adjust those settings.