Monthly Archive: August, 2014

15 miles to close out the [running] week

I am currently in paradise. Other people know it as Okoboji. But I know it as my favorite place. I got here three days ago, after a little time here: The week started with my… Continue reading

14 miles and a “natural” exfoliant

Man. I’m tired. 14 miles this morning. We did the Custis Trail which I really like, but it’s a very challenging run. We had more than 1000 feet of elevation gain in those… Continue reading

HRM Training

A few months ago I started wearing a heart rate monitor for most of my runs and bike rides. It’s been super interesting. I didn’t know much about heart rate training but when I… Continue reading

More cut-back week fun

Today’s long run was 8 miles. That’s right. 8. And Monday’s “easy” run will be 7. So 8 felt pretty good. And it actually got cooler while we ran today. How’s that for… Continue reading

Cut back week is a beautiful thing

After several weeks of intense training, it’s important to have a bit of a break, lighten the training load, and rest a bit. That is happening now. And it’s glorious. Aside from being… Continue reading

100 Things I’ve Learned Running

This is my 100th post! To celebrate, I made a list of 100 things I learned running! I thought about running 100 miles but then decided this was better (just kidding, I didn’t… Continue reading

“Track” workouts

My running group has track workouts once a week. Unfortunately, I’ve very rarely been able to go. When I was in classes, I always had class at that time (every semester!) and now… Continue reading

Grilling, Swimming, Biking, Grilling

Saturday ended up being a long day in bed (but no nap!). Luckily Sizzln’ Saturday spiced things up. I made Sweet Potato Black Bean burgers and they were super tastey. Except that I… Continue reading

12 miles to the airport

Yep. We ran to the airport this morning. Have you ever done that? Actually I don’t really like that route but it’s fun to say I ran to the airport. The Mt. Vernon… Continue reading

Fast week!

This has been a fast week for many reasons: I’ve been running fast (relatively), lots has been happening, and now it’s Friday! It’s been a beautiful week. Unfortunately on Tuesday I’d planned to… Continue reading